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Author:  tc63 [ Fri Mar 18, 2016 11:24 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Adeptus Arbites

Depends if you wanted the more organic look like the forgeworld enforcers cyber mastiff rather than the specialist games all metal versions, but Irregular miniatures do a handler with war dogs in their 'Conquest of Mexico' range:

Author:  tc63 [ Thu Sep 22, 2016 10:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Adeptus Arbites

I've just been admiring microworlds excellent microwasteland range and wondering which lists the vehicles and infantry would look good in. Obvious choice is the lost and the damned I think for land transporters and cultists.

Got me thinking though. How would people feel about a new non-core formation of ash waste ganger types? It could be a max 1 per 1000 points formation to prevent spamming them, or I could look at maybe having all the ganger / militia type formations essentially being the warengine/flyer 3rd of the army list, as the arbites currently have none of these to field. This would mean a semi-viable army could be created that wasn't simply made out of loads of arbite formations but was more like a complete city defence force of arbites and hive gang militia working together.

Edited to reduce rambling:
New idea for hive gang militia formation. Only one type, goes in allies/flyers 1/3rd of the army list. Militia have the same stats as chaos cultists instead of grots (so deputised militia cost 15 points each now).
11 militia units and 1 militia leader unit for 200 points. Can then choose one (and only one) upgrade from following list:
Ash waste gangers: add 12 ash waste vehicle units ('transport 1' versions of land transporters. Can cover bikes, buggies and cars). 150 points?
Frenzied mob: add 10 militia units. 150 points.
Civilian uprising: add teleport rule. 50 points.

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