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Epic-UK ‘Mechanicus Knights’ – Knights + Titans variant?

 Post subject: Epic-UK ‘Mechanicus Knights’ – Knights + Titans variant?
PostPosted: Sun Aug 19, 2018 5:40 pm 
Brood Brother
Brood Brother
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I’d like to propose a variant list of the Epic-UK Knights list themed around a list of Mechanicus Knights plus Titans rather than Imperial Knights with PDF infantry and artillery support like the current list. This is in no way official and I’m not involved with Epic-UK testing though I do regularly attend their tournaments. I want to throw this out as a good initial idea for a variant list and get some feedback? And to see if others are interested? If people like the idea and want to discuss and test it maybe Epic-UK might eventually consider adopting it in future but who knows, that’s out of my hands.

List and design notes first, longer discussion of why it should be thing further below...

Mechanicus Knights:

See here for a PDF of the Epic-UK Imperial Knights list that this is a proposed variant of.

Remove ALL 6 retainer formations. The list is themed around Knights and Titans not Knights and PDF infantry.

Add allied Warlord, Reaver and pair of Warhounds as options. No single Warhound option. No option to vary weapons, standard loadouts.

List may take up to 1/4 air (as in the core Knights list) PLUS a separate condition saying the list may not take more than 1/3 titans and air combined.

Knight AA upgrade: add a character upgrade of a ‘Twin Icarus Autocannon’: range 30cm AP4+/AT5+/AA5+ all-round arc for 25 points. Add one Twin Icarus Autocannon character to a Palladin in the formation. This upgrade would be available to as a 0-1 to Baron or Palladin households.
Icarus.png [ 376.07 KiB | Viewed 728 times ]

Add an Armiger formation under a separate Armiger subheading (where Retainers are now) stating up to 1 may be taken per household:
Knight Armiger AV 30cm Sv:5+ CC:5+ FF:5+
Thermal Spear 15cm MW4+ AND MW FF
Reaper Chain-cleaver CC +1 Attack, MW
Notes: Scout, Invulnerable Save, Walker.
225 points for 5?
Armiger.jpg [ 128.33 KiB | Viewed 728 times ]

Design notes:

- Overall the list can have a strong BTS in the form of a Reaver or Warlord, which is lacking and a known disadvantage of the core Imperial Knights list. On the other hand the list has no indirect fire, no infantry who can enter buildings, worse AA and a fair bit lower activation numbers without any of the cheap retainer formations. Hopefully overall it can be made to balance?
- 25 points is cheap for the AA turret upgrade but at range 30cm it is going to be easier to avoid than the 60cm garrisoned AA in the Imperial Knight list. Most players will only have 2 or 3 Palladin/Baron formations at 3k that can be upgraded with one at so also not many of them around.
- I propose not allowing single Warhounds to keep the focus mainly still on the knights but could change this?
- Armiger stats and costs are tentative, thoughts? It helps to have a scouting unit in the list and that is the role of this new 40k knight type so it seems appropriate to include them with the retainer scouts removed from the list. There’s a good proxy model to represent them these days but there’s plenty of other small knight proxies people could use or at a push be like ‘these Sentinels or Robots are counting as Armigers’ during the pre-game warm up.
- Epic-UK lists are normally created and tested by some of their playtesters off-line but I thought I'd throw this out there as an initial idea for public debate/testing and perhaps they'll take it up in future, as they have adapted many other lists from here in the past. Kyuss is developing the Bad Moons list here he hopes they'll take up too so it's not entirely a new thing. Hopefully Net-EA people won't mind the thread being here as there's not really any other good place to discuss it.
- I have a part painted Knight army I'm building and am up for testing this out not just theoryhammerring.

Background / real life justifications for the list:

Knights and Titans fighting together is a classic combination in the game! - the original Adeptus Titanicus soon added Knights to use alongside the titans, the 2nd Ed Epic Titan Legions box was a Titan plus Knights army and the new AT is based around Titans plus Knights.

In real life there’s probably a LOT more new active AT players than there are current EpicA players globally. It’s a golden opportunity to recruit new players to try Epic when they realise it’s still being played and that their AT collections can also just as well be used for Epic (the larger models will be a trade-off in game terms). They’ll expect to be able to use an army of Titans plus Knights though and we could really do with lists that allow this and currently Epic-UK doesn’t.

In background terms there are two distinct sorts of Knights in 40k – independent ‘Imperial Knight Worlds’ that manage their own affairs, rule their planets themselves, ect. These are represented well by the current Epic-UK and Net-EA Imperial Knights lists. Then there are ‘Mechanicus Knight Worlds’ which are very much integrated into and run by the Adeptus Mechanicus and their Knights regularly fight alongside the Titan Legions and visa versa. The 40k Knights Codex has several pages of separate background/images for each sort and if there’s just as much justification for having separate lists for both as there are for having variant IG or SM lists.
Knights.jpg [ 504.46 KiB | Viewed 728 times ]

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 Post subject: Re: Epic-UK ‘Mechanicus Knights’ – Knights + Titans variant?
PostPosted: Tue Aug 21, 2018 11:36 am 
Brood Brother
Brood Brother
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Nice one Glyn. Can you send a copy of this to the tourines@ epic email address so that it can then be sent round all of the committee?


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 Post subject: Re: Epic-UK ‘Mechanicus Knights’ – Knights + Titans variant?
PostPosted: Tue Aug 21, 2018 4:52 pm 
Brood Brother
Brood Brother

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Looks interesting!!


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