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tau list v2.2

 Post subject: tau list v2.2
PostPosted: Tue Jan 28, 2003 11:42 pm 
Brood Brother
Brood Brother

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i changed battlesuits, and krootox to represent a single model. also changed stats for drones to represent a smaller number of models.

changed stats for crisis weapons and missile pods to AP5+/AT6+ (same stats as auto cannon) Seeker Missile changed to AP5+/AT6+/AA4+ (same as space marine heavy weapon which i assume is a missile launcher, as lascannons are AT5+, plasma cannons are AP5+/AT5+, and heavy bolters are AP5+)

Occurences of two burst cannons on air craft changed to twin linked burst cannons.

Added skyray to unit selection and also took out the x2 from the missile rack.

Added human auxiliaries. (I figure that theyre a good use for catachan models :P)

Changed markerlight/seeker missile mechanic. Changed the way Integrated options works. (It was taken out, but an equivalent was simply added to unit upgrades)

Changed stealth suits stealth ability to one without a roll to speed up game play.

Added manta interference for space craft (might be interesting...)

Anyway, im considering adding something for crisis suits saying that if you choose two of the same thing it just gets +1 instead of two shots.

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