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Any other playtester notice this?
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Author:  primarch [ Fri Feb 21, 2003 1:47 am ]
Post subject:  Any other playtester notice this?


Netepic is correct, in its "golden age" epic was between 12-14%, at least in the US, I used to retail back then so I remember figures from that time well. As time went by it slipped to under 10% (as low as 7% I was told). Epic 40k was supposed to remedy that, in the US they were pitching for a 15%, at least that was the propaganda fed to the independent stockist. It never came even close, about 6 months after release sales were pretty much dead.

Maksim, no worries, get me them when you can. I appreciate the help.

Legion4, no worries, people will play whatever they want, always have always will. But us old foggies from the net epic list love to bitch and moan about GW attitudes regarding epic. Its a shame that the effort going on now wasn't the one done when epic 40k came out, things might have been quite different. But as they say "water under the bridge".

Of course regardless of game system we all do talk a common, the love of epic minis! There is no question the quality of the minis are a lot better overall with some exceptions (eldar titans anyone? Bleh).

Who said we may never play? I still harbor my insane idea of a independent epic convention, who knows it may be near you!


Author:  Legion 4 [ Fri Feb 21, 2003 5:19 am ]
Post subject:  Any other playtester notice this?

Oh yes, Tom & Primarch, I remember the heady days of the SM2 time frame when Epic was one of the "favorite sons".  And I remember I was not all that taken with it because I was a hard-corps SM1 player.  But we evolved :D !   And use a hybrid system as I stated many (too many) times before.  I've been playing war games since '70 in one form or another so I'm sure I'm in the old foggies category, (and proud of it  :cool: !)  That being said, I always welcome the interaction on the Forums and look forward to them and E-A.  4-5 years from now we'll be having a similar discussion about E-B :o !  Legion 4

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