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Index Astartes - Army lists (NetEA and Beyond)

 Post subject: Index Astartes - Army lists (NetEA and Beyond)
PostPosted: Mon Apr 04, 2016 3:14 pm 
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Welcome Marines to Index Astartes!

This post is a resource to enable Epic Armageddon players ease of access to various lists across the internet for friendly and tournament based play. Each link will take you to the list(s) in question and in the case of NetEA, the current Forum discussion topic of that particular Space Marine army for development and test related content.

Lists developed by the NetEA group in open design philosophy. Lists are developed through a public organic process (if the community likes it and tests it, it moves towards balanced tournament use). Discussion and development of approved and in progress lists iare handled at the indicated thread.

Approved Lists Tournament ready and considered balanced
Codex Astartes AC: kyussinchains
White Scars Sub-AC: Jimmy Zimms
White Scars 2017 Trial Discussion- Get Involved!
Salamanders Sub-AC: Kyussinchains (Temporarily)
Scions of Iron Sub-AC: Argol (Frozen, development continues on new list)
Imperial Fists 1.4 AC: Kyussinchains
Space Wolves 3.0 Sub-AC: Uvenlord
Raven Guard 1.2 Sub-AC: Dave

Developmental Lists Still in development towards tournament ready or very close to it
Apocrypha of Skaros Sub-AC: Jimmyzimms
Blood Angels 3.1 Sub-AC: Kyussinchains

Experimental Lists Newer lists that are not as far down the road to tournament ready (and may never be)
Black Templars 4.2 Sub-AC: GlynG
Iron Hands 1.1 Sub-AC: Argol
Dark Angels 1.66 Sub-AC: VACANT

Listed here for fullness of the Space Marine lists but are actually part of the NetEA Ordos Lists
Grey Knights
Death Watch

THE KITCHEN SINK- Unbalanced list to give access to "all the toys" in a friendly play environment.

Epic AU
New and exciting development from the Australian players! Lists the EpicAU team are working on that involve their own continuity reflecting 8th edition 40k.

Horus Heresy Supplement All the Marine Legions fighting it out during the HH
Death of Istvaan III Author: Fattdex

EpicAU Lists
Dark Angels 1.1 Author: Mard
Epic AU development

Epic UK
Lists developed by a hand selected group of top-tier UK players. Lists are optimized for the UK tournmant scene but considered highly balanced, competetive and usable regardless of location.

Armies include:
Codex Space Marines
White Scars
Black Templars
Blood Angels
Dark Angels
Space Wolves


Fan Lists
Non-official lists for fun, scenarios or possible inclusion to official publications from various groups.

Hawk Lords Author: Jimmy Zimms
Raptors Ambush Author: JimmyZimms
Scythes of the Emperor 0.2.1 Author: Dobbsy
Dark Angels 3.x Author: Angel_of_Caliban (formerly NetEA but deprecated and now alt-fan list)
Blood Angels 2.4 Authors: Evil&Chaos/Xenocidial Maniac (formerly NetEA but depricated and now alt-fan list in lieu of the new 3.0 version)
Minotaurs 1.0 Author: GlynG (untested and depricated to fanlist section)
Siege Assault Vanguard SUPERCEDED by Imperial Fists list
Iron Wolves - Egil Iron Wolf's Armoured Great Company Sub-AC: Dobbsy (Deprecated due to lack of interest and development)

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